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Banana ponkan

Consumption of bananas is thought to be helpful in maintaining a good complexion, aiding in proper digestion, preventing constipation, growing healthy cardiovascular tissue, and helpful for the kidneys and the nervous system).
with the most prolific varieties consisting of the Northern Banana and Banana Goddess variety, the Northern variety having originated in the Tamshui River region of Taipei, and the Goddess variety having been developed from further refinement of the Northern variety, other varieties include the Chinese.Research products and technology, welcomed by farmers, have been extended a farming area up to one million hectares, technically covering 70 of the total area, and these technical supports produced great social and economic returns in Guangdong province and even South China region.In light of the large areas of mandarin under cultivation in Taiwan, and the large production quantities, prices are naturally very attractive in comparison to other production regions, and of course, the sweet taste, rich juiciness, flavorful flesh, and high quality of Taiwan's ponkan mandarin.Iftr has been awarded 15 prizes for scientific achievement, applied for 3 patents, and 4 being approved as National Invention Patents.Many national or international organizations were affiliated to iftr, gdaas: International Network for the Improvement of Banana and Plantain (inibap FAO International Tropical Fruit Net (TFnet) China office; Network Steering Committee of the Asia-Pacific Banana; East Asia office of International Tropical Fruit Net, etc.So far, iftr has selected and bred 15 new fruit patin a roulette quad oxelo tree varieties, such as Dafeng.1 banana, Yueyou Ponkan, Yueyin Red Navel orange, etc., which are certified by Guangdong Provincial Cultivar Certification Committee as excellent cultivars for extension; and 6 new varieties have registered such.Iftr is well organized with strong research capacity.In recent years, the scientists of iftr have trained about 100,000 farmers in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan Province and.
Other processes, such as cooking or blending, which do not render the fruits inedible, would be permissible.
It is a fruit rich in fiber, Vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, phosphate and zinc.
There are hangtags of the National Introduction of Foreign Intelligence Achievements Demonstration and Extension Base-tropical and subtropical fruit trees new varieties introduction, and Guangdong International Science and Technology Cooperation Base.
Traditional Chinese medicine believe that the mandarin peel is considered a 'cool' food and can relieve dehydration, reduce phlegm and stimulate the lungs, assist in reducing constipation, and help reduce fever and aid digestion.
Iftr focuses not only on fruit trees germplasm resources collection, tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees innovative application, new cultivars breeding, technology of fruit trees cultivation, and fruits preservation and processing, but also on related research technical extension and industrialized development.The peel is dried and used as a cooking spice or for desserts as mandarin orange peel, which is also a traditional Chinese medicinal health food.There are one chief expert of South China Fruits Innovation team, Guangdong modern agricultural and industrial technology system, five post experts, and ten academy leaders of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.During the 11th National Five-Year-Plan, iftr has undertaken more than 100 research projects from the agencies of China, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou city and gdaas.The ponkan mandarin orange is an autumn fruit, with most production between September to December.When the ponkan mandarin orange has just been harvested its peel contains a lot of citric acid and chlorophyll, with a less sweet taste and fragrance, but after a few days in the shade, the peel will brighten and the sweetness level will rise dramatically.The mandarin is now one of Taiwan's main orchard fruits.Likewise, with both fruits, the peels contain substances that are not readily digested, or are even contrary to normal human digestive processes, and could potentially harm you.In Taiwan, it is very common to see golden fragrant bunches of bananas piled side by side in the market.Since 1997, popular scientific papers about fruit trees cultivation technology have been published in and, etc.The mandarin is the gift of choice for Taiwanese during holidays because the fruit's round shape reminds one of the circle of life that encompasses one's whole family and community, and the rich colors resemble the colors of royalty and golden wealth remind the recipient.The ponkan mandarin orange is a fruit produced in prodigious quantities in Taiwan, with the over 1000 tons produced in Tungshih Village of Taichung County being the best known production region on the market, while the Changhwa County Yuenlin Village mandarin has also earned.

Housewives in Taiwan especially enjoy buying bananas as a fruit suitable for the whole family, whether young or old alike.
Iftr consists of different sections, as banana research centre; litchi research; citrus breeding and cultivation; longan research; pineapple research and rare fruit research; fruits storage, preservation and processing; fruit trees disease and pest; fruit economy and industry; and tissue-culture centre, etc.

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